FIXALIP is a specially formulated blend and has been effectively managing the embarrassing symptoms of cold sores for more than 40 years.

Fixalip was invented in a small Melbourne pharmacy in 1974. We wanted to give Australians a safe, alternative treatment with an emphasis on education. We know that physical symptoms are just the beginning. The emotional cost of cold sores—isolation, embarrassment, added stress—is often much higher.

Cold sore treatment and prevention touches on our most valuable relationships. Parents and children, doctors and patients, colleagues and teammates. When we understand how the virus works, we can make healthy lifestyle choices to stop it spreading.

The Fixalip formula safely damages the viral membrane, inhibiting replication bringing symptoms to a halt and lowering the odds of HSV-1 transmission. Our product is backed by

  • Local customer service with online and phone support
  • Fast, free shipping for orders of two or more
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 40 years of proven results!

We are dedicated to the prevention of HSV-1 in future generations.  We are committed to our education program around understanding the virus, and how to prevent it both reoccurring in existing sufferers, and presenting in the next generation

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