About Us

Over 40 years experience

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, The Remedy Company™ strives to bring people the best products possible for health care solutions.

We are both pharmacists who recognised the need for a unique and effective cold sore preparation and decide to release the product that John has been using in his pharmacies for more than 40 years.  Our FX3 formula of various alcohols blended with ether make Fixalip a standalone product in the cold sore category.

The Remedy Company started in 2013 by father-daughter team, John and Stephanie Catsicas.

Our first product, Fixalip (TM) is now available in pharmacies nationwide.  The original formula was created by John more than 40 years ago as a young pharmacist.  Now, years later, the formula has been adapted, improved and re-branded by Stephanie to a unique product called Fixalip.

As pharmacists, it was always important to have a product that we could recommend and be confident in the results.  With so many testimonials and sales over the last 40 years we finally decided in 2013 to re-brand and market Fixalip to all of Australia.

We have expanded our manufacturing into skin care, gut health, kids gifts and unique crystal water bottles. The Remedy Company is a diverse brand covering many avenues to help grow your business.

We are extremely proud of our product and excited by our future.

In good health

John and Stephanie