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Fixalip Cold Sore Lotion

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A specially formulated blend of alcohols with ether means our FX3 formula can help reduce/prevent the formation of cold sore blisters and the onset of painful symptoms. 

Fixalip™ has been designed to stop virus replication by damaging its membrane through its drying action.

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A specially formulated blend of various alcohols with ether.

How to Use

Shake the bottle to loosen the roller ball and apply to cold sores as often as needed throughout the day.


A unique and effective drying formula to kill cold sores fast.

The unique roller ball applicator allows for hygienic dispensing of lotion without getting fingers dirty.

No gross white residue like creams either!


Flammable, keep away from open flame and screw lid tightly.

Can be used in children under 6, pregnancy and breastfeeding on recommendation from a pharmacist/health provider.