Confused About Which Stone To Pick?

Our advice is to go with your gut. The stone you were first attracted to is probably the one you need the most. Trust your intuition. We’ve included a little bit about what each stone means for those who are struggling to make a choice. 

Rose Quartz 

Calming, Healing, Love.

Known as the crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz opens up your heart to accept and give love. Perfect for those searching to bond deeper, new mums and those wanting to be able to express  their love more freely. 

Black Obsidian

Protector, Strength, Manifestation.

Known as a protective stone, black obsidian can shield you from others negativity. It’s also been known to bring clarity, strength and support during times of adversity and change.

Clear Quartz

Positivity, Clarity, Amplifier

Known as a healing crystal, it vibrates pure white light into your space to unblock, purify and amplify the energy in your space. It helps to eliminate and neutralise any negative or bad vibrations within a room.


Intuition, Creativity, Calmness

Perfect for artists and creatives or those looking to enhance these traits. Amethyst is a soothing crystal and can promote calmness, intuition and creativity. 

Known to enhance passions and transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones to create a better life balance.    This crystal has been said to remove writers block, or any blockage to those working in the creative spaces.


Green fluorite

Balance, Order, Invigoration

This stone is known to balance energies through the chakras particularly our heart chakras. Whether you can use a boost of invigorating energy in your work, your art, your relationship or all three, green fluorite will help you to get in touch with your inner, playful self. Placing a green fluorite crystal in your environment helps to restore balance and bring order to any chaos. It also aids in decision-making, making it the ideal crystal to have in your workspace


Joy, Optimism, Positivity

Citrine can help to protect people from negative energies, negative people and can stimulate creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. It can also balance emotions and gives relief for depression, stress and anxiety, bringing optimism and love to its owner. It’s known as the money stone because of its ability to increase abundance. 

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